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Open RQC colloquium. Lecture 24

The Twenty Fourth lecture "Localized phonon polaritons: A novel platform for mid-infrared quantum polaritonics" in "Open RQC colloquium" will be held in National University of Science and Technology MISIS (Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt 4) lecture hall № Б-536 (5th floor), on 12th of May 2017 at 10:00 a.m by Simone De Liberato, Associate Professor at the University of Southampton and University, Research Fellow of the Royal Society.


Optical phonons at the surface of polar crystals can hybridize with light, creating mixed excitations called localized phonon polaritons. Those interface-bound excitations are in many regards mid-infrared analogous of localized plasmons supported by metallic resonators, but they absent themselves from the Ohmic loss characteristic of plasmonic systems. Localized phonon polaritons are developing into an innovative platform for mid-infrared quantum polaritonics. This is due to their extremely small mode volumes, long lifetimes, and large nonlinearities, as well as the relative facility to fabricate nanoresonators with features at the 100nm scale. In this talk I will start by reviewing their main features [1] and introducing a microscopic quantum theory capable of capturing their peculiar properties [2]. I will then present some recent advances we obtained in this field: from the observation of strong coupling between localized and propagative modes [3], to nonlinear polariton scattering [4,5].

[1] C. R. Gubbin, S. A. Maier, and S. De Liberato, arXiv:1607:05741

[2] C. R. Gubbin, S. A. Maier, and S. De Liberato, PRB 94, 205301 (2016)

[3] C. R. Gubbin, F. Martini, A. Politi, S. A. Maier, and S. De Liberato, PRL 116, 246402 (2016)

[4] I. Razdolski, et al., Nano Lett. 16, 69546959 (2016)

[5] C. R. Gubbin and S. De Liberato, 10.1021/acsphotonics.7b00020


Simone De Liberato is a theoretical physicist and a serial entrepreneur. He completed his undergraduate studies at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris. In Paris he also did his PhD and opened his first startups, before moving to Tokyo for a JSPS fellowship, and then in the UK as a Marie Curie Fellow, before becoming associate professor at the University of Southampton. His main scientific interest is the study of light-matter coupling at the quantum level, with special emphasis on non-perturbative coupling regimes achievable in solid-state cavity quantum electrodynamics.

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