Future research plans

  1. Ultrafast nonthermal optical control of spins in ferromagnets
    1. Inverse Faraday effect in magnetoplasmonic structures.
    2. Optical nonthermal ultrafast magnetic data storage.
    3. Optical generation of magnons in confined magnetic microstructures.
    4. Influence of orbital angular momentum of light on spin dynamics.

  2. Magnetoplasmonics
    1. Magnetoplasmonic quasicrystals.
    2. Nonreciprocity effects in plasmonic materials with broken time and space inversion symmetries.
    3. Magnetoplasmonic nanoantennas.

  3. Sensing applications
    1. Room temperature magnetometer based on microstructured magnetic oxide films with sensitivity up to 10 fT/Hz1/2.
    2. Magnetoplasmonic magnetometer with magnetization detection by Mandelstam-Brillouin scattering.
    3. Smart magnetoplasmonic structures for biosensors.

  4. Structures with giant spin-orbit interaction
    1. Magnetooptics of nanolayered heterostructures of 2D-materials (topological insulators, graphene etc.) and ferromagnets.
    2. Inverse Spin Hall effect by fs-laser pulses in materials with giant spin-orbit interaction.