Российский Квантовый Центр Russian Quantum Center

Quantum Optics group / Группа Квантовая оптика

Group lead: Руководитель: Alexander Lvovsky Александр Львовский

Research Topics: Направления исследований:

  • Quantum states of light and matter on demand; Произвольные квантовые состояния света и вещества по требованию;
  • Entangled states on a macroscopic scale; Переплетённые состояния в макроскопическом масштабе;
  • Characterization of quantum-optical "black boxes"; Решение квантовой задачи о "чёрном ящике";
  • Quantum tomography. Квантовая томография.

More information Дополнительная информация

Members | Участники

  • Oksana Borzenkova (MSc Student)
  • Aleksey Fedorov (MSc Student)
  • Ilya Fedorov (PhD Student)
  • Yury Kurochkin (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Alex Lvovsky (Professor)
  • Nastya Puschkina (MSc Student)
  • Demid Sychev (PhD Student)
  • Alexander Ulanov (PhD Student)

Publications | Публикации

Articles | Статьи

I.A. Fedorov, A.K. Fedorov, Y.V. Kurochkin and A.I. Lvovsky
Tomography of a multimode quantum black box
New Journal of Physics 17: 043063, 29 Apr 2015.

I.A. Fedorov, A.E. Ulanov, Y.V. Kurochkin and A.I. Lvovsky
Quantum vampire: collapse-free action at a distance by the photon annihilation operator
Optica 2(2): 112 - 115, 2 Feb 2015
arXiv.org:1408.1769. PDF.

A.I. Lvovsky
Squeezed light, section in book: Photonics Volume 1: Fundamentals of Photonics and Physics, D. Andrews, eds., Chapter 5: 121 - 164
Published by Wiley, West Sussex, United Kingdom, 2015
arXiv.org:1401.4118 (ISBN 978-1-118-22553-0). http://arxiv.org/abs/1401.4118.

D. Hogg, D.W. Berry and A.I. Lvovsky
Efficiencies of quantum optical detectors
Physical Review A 90(38): 053846, 25 Nov 2014
arXiv.org:1408.0257. PDF.

A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov and Yu.E. Lozovik
Roton-maxon spectrum and instability for weakly interacting dipolar excitons in a semiconductor layer
Physical Review B 90: 165430, 21 Oct 2014

A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov, Y.E. Shchadilova and Yu.E. Lozovik
Two-dimensional Bose gas of tilted dipoles: Roton instability and condensate depletion
Physical Review A 90: 043616, 16 Oct 2014

T. Brannan, Z.Z. Qin, A. MacRae and A.I. Lvovsky
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Optics Letters: 5447 - 5450, 15 Sep 2014
arXiv.org:1403.3463. PDF.

T. Brannan, A. MacRae and A.I. Lvovsky
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Optics Letters 39(18): 5447 - 5450, 15 Sep 2014.

Z.Z. Qin, A.S. Prasad, T. Brannan, A. MacRae, A. Lezama and A.I. Lvovsky
Complete temporal characterization of a single photon
arXiv.org:1405.6251, 24 May 2014.

E.O. Kiktenko and A.K. Fedorov
Tomographic causal analysis of two-qubit states and tomographic discord
Physics Letters A 378: 1704 - 1710, 2 May 2014

I.A. Fedorov, A.K. Fedorov, Y.V. Kurochkin and A.I. Lvovsky
Complete characterization of a multimode quantum black box
arXiv.org:1403.0432, 3 Mar 2014.

R. Ghobadi, S. Kumar, B. Pepper, D. Bouwmeester, A.I. Lvovsky and C. Simon
Opto-mechanical micro-macro entanglement
Physical Review Letters 112: 080503, 26 Feb 2014
arXiv.org:1401.2356. PDF.

Y.V. Kurochkin, A.S. Prasad and A.I. Lvovsky
Distillation of the two-mode squeezed state
Physical Review Letters 112: 070402, 20 Feb 2014
arXiv.org:1307.3397. PDF.

A.K. Fedorov
Feynman integral and perturbation theory in quantum tomography
Physics Letters A 377: 2320 - 2323, 8 Nov 2013.

A.K. Fedorov and E.O. Kiktenko
Quaternion representation and symplectic spin tomography
Journal of Russian Laser Research 34: 477 - 487, 1 Sep 2013

A.K. Fedorov and A.I. Ovseevich
Asymptotic control theory for a system of linear oscillators
arXiv.org:1308.6090, 28 Aug 2013.

A.I. Lvovsky, R. Ghobadi, C. Simon, A. Chandra and A.S. Prasad
Observation of micro-macro entanglement of light
Nature Physics 9: 541 - 544, 21 Jul 2013
arXiv.org:1212.3713. PDF.

R. Thomas, C. Kupchak, G.S. Agarwal and A.I. Lvovsky
Observation of electromagnetically induced transparency in evanescent fields
Optics Express 21(6): 6880 - 6888, 25 Mar 2013
arXiv.org:1209.4318. PDF.

R. Kumar, E. Barrios, C. Kupchak and A.I. Lvovsky
Experimental characterization of bosonic creation and annihilation operators
Physical Review Letters 110(13): 130403, 25 Mar 2013
arXiv.org:1210.1150. Viewpoint in physics.aps.org. PDF.

A.I. Lvovsky
A quantum delivery note (News and Views article)
Nature Physics 9(1): 5 - 6, 1 Jan 2013. PDF.

A. Anis and A.I. Lvovsky
Maximum-likelihood coherent-state quantum process tomography
New Journal of Physics 14(10): 105021, 19 Oct 2012
arXiv.org:1204.5936. PDF.

R. Kumar, E. Barrios, A. MacRae, E. Cairns, E.H. Huntington and A.I. Lvovsky
Versatile wideband balanced detector for quantum optical homodyne tomography
Optics Communications 285: 5259 - 5267, 29 Aug 2012
arXiv.org:1111.4012. PDF.

A. MacRae, T. Brannan, R. Achal and A.I. Lvovsky
Tomography of a high-purity narrowband photon from a transient atomic collective excitation
Physical Review Letters 109(3): 033601 (4 pp.), 20 Jul 2012
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P. Palittapongarnpim, A. MacRae and A.I. Lvovsky
A monolithic filter cavity for experiments in quantum optics
Review of Scientific Instruments 83(6): 066101 (3 pp.), 7 Jun 2012
arXiv.org:1203.4843. PDF.

Presentations | Презентации

23 Jul 2013, A.I. Lvovsky, A.S. Prasad, R. Ghobadi, Y.V. Kurochkin and C. Simon, Experimental enlargement of optical entangled states. The Second International Conference on Quantum Technologies (ICQT 2013) 20 Jul 2013 – 24 Jul 2013, Moscow, Russia .

22 Jul 2013, A.K. Fedorov, Feynman path integrals in quantum tomography. The Second International Conference on Quantum Technologies (ICQT 2013) 20 Jul 2013 – 24 Jul 2013, Moscow, Russia .

22 Jul 2013, A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov and Yu.E. Lozovik, 2D tilted dipoles: density waves vs. phonon collapse. The Second International Conference on Quantum Technologies (ICQT 2013) 20 Jul 2013 – 24 Jul 2013, Moscow, Russia .

6 Jun 2013, K.I. Zaytsev, I.N. Fokina, S.O. Yurchenko and A.K. Fedorov, Terahertz spectroscopy of phase transition in water. The 2nd Russia-Japan-USA Symposium "The Fundamental & Applied Problems of Terahertz Devices" (TeraTech) 3 Jun 2013 – 6 Jun 2013, Moscow.

22 Feb 2013, A.I. Lvovsky, 3 ways to skin a cat: numerical approaches in coherent-state quantum process tomography. Workshop on Mathematical Methods of Quantum Tomography 19 Feb 2013 – 22 Feb 2013, Toronto, Canada.

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