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Alexey Shakirov / Алексей Шакиров

E-mail: a.shakirov AT rqc.ru

My research is in the field of condensed matter theory. I am interested in is study of dynamical phenomena arising in strongly correlated systems. In particular the emergence of metastable, prethermal and thermal states are under my current investigation in application to solid state and ultracold atomic setups.

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  1. Alexey M. Shakirov, Alexey N. Rubtsov, Alexander I. Lichtenstein, Pedro Ribeiro
    Relaxation and decoherence of qubits encoded in collective states of engineered magnetic structures
    Phys. Rev. B, 96, 094410 (2017)

  2. A. M. Shakirov, Y. E. Shchadilova, A. N. Rubtsov, and P. Ribeiro
    Role of coherence in transport through engineered atomic spin devices
    Phys. Rev. B 94, 224425 (2016).

  3. A.M. Shakirov, Y.E. Shchadilova, and A.N. Rubtsov
    Quantum statistical ensemble for emissive correlated systems 
    Phys. Rev. E 93, 062122 (2016)
    arXiv:1503.07818 (2015)

  4. A.M. Shakirov, S.V. Tsibulsky, A.E. Antipov, Y.E. Shchadilova, and A.N. Rubtsov
    Modeling the metastable dynamics of correlated structures
    Sci. Rep. 5, 8005 (2015)

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