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Yulia Shchadilova / Юлия Щадилова

E-mail: yes AT rqc.ru

My research interests are in the field of condensed matter theory, with a particular focus on the out- of-equilibrium phenomena in correlated quantum systems. This direction of research is motivated by remarkable experimental progress in solid state physics, quantum information science, and the field of ultracold atoms, which have made it possible to prepare, manipulate and probe quantum many-body systems in real time. My recent projects include:
  • Physics of the mobile impurities (BEC-polarons)
  • Spin dynamics in correlated quantum systems
  • Thermalization of open correlated quantum systems
  • Quenches and thermalization in isolated quantum systems
  • Current-induced phenomena in STM contacts

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Google Scholar Profile

    [ 2015 ]
  1. A.M. Shakirov, Y.E. Shchadilova , and A.N. Rubtsov
    Quantum statistical ensemble for emissive correlated systems. 
    arXiv:1503.07818 (2015)

  2. F. Grusdt, Y.E. Shchadilova , A. Rubtsov, E. Demler
    Renormalization group approach to the Frohlich polaron model: application to impurity-BEC problem. 
    Sci. Rep., in press (2015) arXiv:1410.2203

  3. A.M. Shakirov, S.V. Tsibulsky, A.E. Antipov, Y.E. Shchadilova , and A.N. Rubtsov
    Modeling the metastable dynamics of correlated structures. 
    Sci. Rep. 5, 8005 (2015)

    [ 2014 ]
  4. Y.E. Shchadilova , F. Grusdt, A. Rubtsov, E. Demler.
    Polaronic mass renormalization of impurities in BEC: correlated Gaussian wavefunction approach. 
    arXiv:1410.5691 (2014)

  5. A.K. Fedorov, I.L. Kurbakov, Y.E. Shchadilova , Y.E. Lozovik
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  6. Y.E. Shchadilova , S.G. Tikhodeev, M. Paulsson, H. Ueba
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  7. Y.E. Shchadilova , M. Vojta, M. Haque
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  8. Y.E. Shchadilova , P. Ribeiro, M. Haque
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    [ 2013 ]
  9. Y.E. Shchadilova , S.G. Tikhodeev, M. Paulsson and H. Ueba
    Rotation of a Single Acetylene Molecule on Cu(001) by Tunneling Electrons in STM
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 186102 (2013)

    [ 2009 ]
  10. Y.E. Shchadilova
    Energy distribution in a strongly perturbed chaotic system
    Moscow University Physics Bulletin 64, pp. 655-657 (2009)

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